Services That Patients Can Expect From A Dental Surgeon

Dental patients will face circumstances that will require them to undergo dental surgery. These conditions could equate to developmental issues or a sudden damage that causes serious pain or discomfort. Oral surgeons can provide services such as tooth extractions when these circumstances arise. The following are services that patients can expect from a dental surgeon.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom teeth extractions are necessary for several reasons. The primary reason for these extractions is impacted wisdom teeth. These teeth erupt through the gum line partially. A gum flap is created in most cases. This leads to infections and the collection of bacteria. Patients with this condition experience serious pain and discomfort. In most cases, the surgeon must address the infection before the surgery is performed.

Root Canals and Tooth Protection

Root canals are often performed when a tooth is in jeopardy. The surgeon drills into the top of the tooth and creates a hole. Next, the surgeon removes the pulp inside the tooth and nerve. The tooth is cleaned out completely. Next, the surgeon injects a composite resin filling into the tooth. The tooth is sealed off and a crown is installed for added protection.

Readjustment of the Jaw

Patients with over or under bites need surgery to readjust the jaw. The surgery is performed to lower the risk of tooth damage and jaw pain. These conditions don’t allow the patient to rest their jaws comfortably. They create pressure and present the patient with further conditions that can also produce severe pain.

Improving Speak and Chewing Abilities

An oral surgeon can also perform procedures to improve speak and chewing abilities. These surgeries may include correcting damage from an accident or to replace teeth that were dislodged. The surgeries address birth defects and developmental concerns that could present the patient with a disability.

Dental patients undergo surgery to correct a variety of conditions that could lead to tooth damage. The surgeries also correct damage and eliminate problems that could produce infections. The surgeon performs an assessment to determine what surgery is best suited for the patient. Any patients who have a jaw misalignment and need surgery contact an oral surgeon now.


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